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Broadband amplifiers for cable networks.

In this section we have all the amplifiers for CATV networks. CATV Nerworks only work to 1000 MHz, so that these amplifiers are not compatible with satellite signals for installations.

Also, this broadband amplifier has incorporate the amplification step and return channel. The return channel is a reserved frequency band between 5 and 65 MHz tahr is used to send signals from the user equipment to the network headends. Normally it is use to send data signal (internet) user. It is therefore so importatn to ensure the frequency band of the return channel, and whether this should be amplified or just be passive.

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  1. Indoor Home Amplifier 2 VHF/UHF Outputs 20dB F Connector
    SKU: FTETAL1220G

    €17.97 Tax included
  2. DTT Line Amplifier 1 in / 1 out 25dB Return Channel
    SKU: TEL534211

    €106.94 Tax included
  3. CATV Central 20 dB main c. 20 dB return
    SKU: TEL534602

    €124.45 Tax included
  4. Power amplifier DTKOM 1E / 1S CATV 1GHz
    SKU: TEL451203

    €334.19 Tax included

4 Items

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CATV Amplifiers