Sensors and Detectors

Sensors and Detectors for Security Systems

Sensors and detectors are a fundamental part of any alarm system.

They detect different events that are reported to the HUB to be managed. They are easily integrated into the alarm system, usually through a Smartphone App. We have wired and wireless devices, from brands such as Ajax or HikVision. Devices with quality technology that meet the most demanding standards of the security industry. With the Ajax System App we can link any device to the HUB in a matter of minutes.

Intrusion Protection

Wireless devices to protect homes and businesses against intrusions. Find intrusion protection elements for both interiors and exteriors, to guarantee the protection of homes and businesses. 

Volumetric PIR Detectors

Motion sensors detect intruders from the first steps. When an attacker enters the field of view of the passive infrared sensors, the detector analyzes the body's thermal radiation and, after ensuring that it is a person, it activates the alarm in less than a second.

Glass Break

Glass break detectors activate an alarm when they detect two consecutive sounds: a low-frequency impact sound and a high-frequency sound of breaking glass. The DualTone digital algorithm verifies this, avoiding false alarms. 

Magnetic Opening Detector

The magnetic contact sensor records both opening and closing, so it can notify users and the hub. It is also known as a Reed Relay, because when the magnet approaches or moves more than 1cm away, it knows the opening status of the door or window

PIRCam - Detectors with integrated camera

Professional wireless motion detector with photo verification that takes photographs of any possible intrusion, always respecting your privacy. You cannot take photos on request as the camera activates only in response to a motion detection alarm. Data is encrypted throughout the transmission and storage process. Nobody analyzes it, not even the AI.

Fire and flood protection

Devices with quality technology in terms of security, which meet the most demanding standards in the industry. Detection and prevention sensors against fires and water leaks, which have cutting-edge hardware and software, implementing advanced functionalities with spectacular wireless autonomy.

Fire detectors

Wireless fire detectors that instantly alert you about the detection of smoke, fast temperature rise or dangerous level of CO concentration. They notify both users and security companies through integrated and connected sirens, mobile apps, SMS messages or phone calls. 

Flood detectors

Small size detectors, easy to place anywhere where there is a probability of flooding. If at least one of the contact pairs it has touches water, it reports the accident and will activate the anti-flooding system if it counts with one.

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