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Accessories for Audio and Video Intercom Systems

Accessories for calls for audio door entry and video entry systems. In this category you will find optional devices and accessories that complement our installation and that we cannot include in other categories.

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  1. Video Receiver Module for Golmar Monitors
    SKU: GOLEL562

    €5.98 Tax included
  2. Aura Analog Double Compact Pushbutton
    SKU: AUT509842

    €7.47 Tax included
  3. Surface Box for Contactless Push Button
    SKU: FER5208

    €8.49 Tax included
  4. Fermax Surface Door Push Button
    SKU: FER5288

    €17.70 Tax included
  5. Call Repeater Telephones Electronic Call
    SKU: GOL11290080

    €18.50 Tax included
  6. Door/Call Contactless Push Button Fermax
    SKU: FER5207

    €18.95 Tax included
  7. Buzzer Call Extender 4+N
    SKU: FER2068

    €21.24 Tax included
  8. Electronic Call Extender 4+N / VDS / DUOX
    SKU: FER2040

    €22.65 Tax included
  9. Universal lights activator
    SKU: FER8053

    €40.35 Tax included
  10. Fermax Light and Bell Activator for VDS System
    SKU: FER2438

    €44.60 Tax included
  11. 1 Way Automatic Door Phone Switcher Fermax
    SKU: FER8819

    €69.37 Tax included
  12. Fermax Duox Plus 9454 IP Camera Interface
    SKU: FER9454

    €127.41 Tax included
  13. Fermax 8812 Automatic Video Changer
    SKU: FER8812

    €167.77 Tax included
  14. Audio amplifier 4 + N for plate cityline 2 homes
    SKU: FER6975

    €215.90 Tax included
  15. Camera Kit + IP/DUOX Plus Interface 9453 by Fermax
    SKU: FER9453

    €240.67 Tax included
  16. Fermax Telephone Interface
    SKU: FER4545

    €269.70 Tax included
  17. 1 Way Automatic Door Phone Switcher 8891 Fermax OUTLET
    SKU: FER8819OUT

    €64.03 Tax included

17 Items

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