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Amplifying the television signals

In this section we have the different kinds of amplifiers for DTT signals. With these devices are going to improve the signal level at the output, i mean, the level of gain that we desired. In this category we can find some mast amplifiers, power supplies for installer in the mast, amplification for inside at home, broadband headends, amplification CATV, programmable headends, power supplies and the accesories.

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  1. Fast F/F mixing bridge for FTE Maximal Series

    €1.55 Tax included
  2. Type 8 cable with plug for the PROFILER power supply
    SKU: RED8

    €1.88 Tax included
  3. 48mm F Jumper for Televes T12 Monochannels
    SKU: TEL5074

    €1.92 Tax included
  4. Connection bridge 780.026 for TERRA 48.5mm modules
    SKU: TEC-780.026

    €2.29 Tax included
  5. Mixing bridge for Fagor modules
    SKU: FA84034

    €2.50 Tax included
  6. DC 780.20 power cable for 4 TERRA modules
    SKU: TEC-780.20

    €4.39 Tax included
  7. OTG cable USB-C type for Avant X Amplifiers
    SKU: TEL216810

    €4.85 Tax included
  8. Televes Standard Support for T12/T.0X Modules
    SKU: TEL5071

    €8.86 Tax included
  9. 24V/120mA power supply 2 RF outputs
    SKU: TECFAMAX24120

    €9.10 Tax included
  10. Mini 24Vdc 200mA Power Supply 2 Outputs Novamax
    SKU: NOVST610

    €10.83 Tax included
  11. Power Supply 24V 160mA DC for Mast Amplifier
    SKU: TECFAMAX24160

    €12.00 Tax included
  12. Johansson 24v 2434 Power Supply
    SKU: JOH2436

    €12.80 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 219

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Antenna Amplification