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Programmable Amplifier Head

The Programmable Amplifier Head are cheaper than TV Headers modular solution. Programmable Power Plants are a very good solution for residential developments of less than 20 houses where the signal has a great differents.

The Programmable Amplifier Head has via software select the set of channels that are to amplificate. To make that, you need programmer, you can go incorporated in the programmable plant itself or be purchased separately, depending of the make and model. 

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  1. Type 8 cable with plug for the PROFILER power supply
    SKU: RED8

    €2.60 Tax included
  2. OTG cable USB-C type for Avant X Amplifiers
    SKU: TEL216810

    €5.09 Tax included
  3. Power Supply for Tecatel Programmable Central

    €21.62 Tax included
  4. Johansson Profiler (66xx) Amplifier Power Supply

    €28.13 Tax included
  5. Johansson REVOLUTION (67xx) Amplifier Power Supply

    €30.63 Tax included
  6. Ikusi ONE Series Power Supply

    €87.12 Tax included
  7. AVANT Headend Cabinet (440x440x140mm)
    SKU: TEL5750

    €92.64 Tax included
  8. Universal programmer remote control for Televes centrals
    SKU: TEL7234

    €146.28 Tax included
  9. Televes SmartKom Intelligent Indoor Amplifier
    SKU: TEL531920

    €175.33 Tax included
  10. Engel PRO TERR + SAT Bluetooth Programmable Amplifier
    SKU: ENGAM3100

    €199.38 Tax included
  11. Profino Revolution LITE 3e+FA Programmable Central Kit
    SKU: JOH6714

    €220.78 Tax included
  12. Profino Revolution PLUS Central HP 60dB
    SKU: JOH6711HP

    €226.86 Tax included
  13. Programmable Central with 4 FM/DAB-VHF/2xUHF Inputs 60dB Triax
    SKU: TRITMB1500

    €255.83 Tax included
  14. Profino Revolution SAT Amplifier (2xUHF/FM/DAB/SAT)
    SKU: JOH6713HP

    €261.86 Tax included
  15. Central Profiler Revolution 70dB 5e (FM - 4xVHF/UHF)
    SKU: JOH6700HP

    €265.72 Tax included
  16. Avant X Basic LTE 5G Programmable Amplifier 5in/1out
    SKU: TEL532103

    €311.90 Tax included
  17. Profiler Revolution SAT Central HP 70dB
    SKU: JOH6702HP

    €311.99 Tax included
  18. Avant X Pro LTE 5G Programmable Amplifier 5in/1out
    SKU: TEL532123

    €348.59 Tax included
  19. Avant X Basic SAT LTE 5G Programmable Amplifier 6in/2out
    SKU: TEL532113

    €348.59 Tax included
  20. Avant X Pro SAT LTE 5G Programmable Amplifier 6in/2out
    SKU: TEL532133

    €385.29 Tax included

22 Items

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