Opener system


Electric Opener

A opener is a electrical mechanism Un abrepuertas está compuesto por un mecanismo eléctrico and an armor or sheath depending if recessed or surface.

Normal operation - N

It allows opening the door for as long as the door opener feeds.

• N Enabling 12 Vac
• N-412 Enable 12 Vdc
• N-424 Enable 24 Vdc

Operating System - A

It enables door opening with a short pulse of power. The opener is automatically locked when closing the door again.
• A 12 Vac Activation
• A-412 Enable 12 Vdc
• A-424 Enable 24 Vdc

Operation Safety - N-500
It allows the opening of the door during the time it stops feeding the opener.

• N-512 Enable 12 Vdc
• N-524 Enable 24 Vdc

Additional Features

Release lever - D
The opener includes a manual release, inhibiting their functioning, allowing free access.
• Activation Normal release ND. 12 Vac.
• Activating automatic unlocking AD.
MAX Series with adjustable latch.

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Varistor Fermax

Ref.: FER97398
€1.00 Tax included

Fermax Gray Type S Recessed Armor

Ref.: FER2973
€3.05 Tax included

Armadura tipo G de color Gris, 3,6mm

Ref.: FER2975
€4.03 Tax included

double contact Door Fermax

Ref.: FER2913
€7.79 Tax included

Universal door opener with activation of automatic release. AD-S

Ref.: FER2910
€14.40 Tax included

Universal Door Opener A-S 12 Vac

Ref.: FER2909
€14.40 Tax included

Universal opener ideal for replacing 12 VAC

Ref.: FER30691
€14.40 Tax included

Standard Lock Release 540AD-S MAX Fermax

Ref.: FER28201
€15.43 Tax included

Flexible stainless steel tube. fairlead

Ref.: FER3083
€16.29 Tax included

Opener 450N-S model and voltage 12 Vac

Ref.: FER3071
€17.18 Tax included

Universal mechanism 990N MAX 10 / 24Vac / dc

Ref.: FER6750
€17.70 Tax included

Universal Door Openers 990N-P22 Max

Ref.: FER67501
€18.71 Tax included

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