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Satellite Receivers for German Channels

Luckily for the Germans they have a long list of FTA (Free to Air) channels in high definition on the Astra 19º East satellite. With any satellite receiver for free channels, these channels can be captured.

We also have several satellite receivers that come with the list of German channels memorized and ordered. They are the ones you can find in this category.

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  1. Opticum AX-300 Plus Satellite Receiver OUTLET

    €28.00 Tax included
  2. Opticum FULL HD Satellite Receiver AX-150
    SKU: OPTAX150

    €28.48 Tax included
  3. Opticum AX-150 Full HD Satellite Receiver OUTLET

    €33.82 Tax included
  4. Opticum AX300 Plus HD Satellite Receiver

    €34.46 Tax included
  5. Satellite Receiver HD Strong SRT7007
    SKU: SRT7007

    €43.56 Tax included
  6. Thomson THS222 HD Satellite Receiver
    SKU: THS222

    €48.69 Tax included
  7. Kit of receiver and satellite dish for German channels
    SKU: TDT0062

    €64.49 Tax included

7 Items

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Set Descending Direction