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Mast Amplifier

The mast amplifier for DTT is installer in single installation. This must installer with a power supply for amplifier antenna mast.

The Headends amplifier is always installed in on the mast where the antenna is installed DTT, about one meter away from it. Instead, the power supply is always installed inside at house and sent via coaxial cable needed (usually 12 or 24 Vdc) voltage amplifier mast.

The most important parameter or an amplifier mast is the gain, also it is so important the noise figure.

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  1. Mast Amplifier 2 Inputs UHF/VHF 24dB
    SKU: FTELG262

    €13.79 Tax included
  2. 30dB 2xUHF Mast Amplifier with 5G LTE

    €15.14 Tax included
  3. 35dB 1e UHF mast amplifier with 5G filter
    SKU: JOH7329-LTE2

    €16.70 Tax included
  4. Mast amplifier 25dB 1e UHF with 5G filter
    SKU: JOH7322-LTE2

    €16.70 Tax included
  5. Mast Amplifier 1e/1s UHF 40dB 12-24V LTE 5G

    €16.71 Tax included
  6. Mast Amplifier UHF-VHFmix 40dB LTE 5G Engel
    SKU: ENGAM6112G5

    €20.28 Tax included
  7. 4e Mast amplifier UHF 30dB, 30dB UHF VHF 20dB 1e, 1e FI 2dB Engel AM6304
    SKU: ENGAM6304

    €20.93 Tax included
  8. 3-input 30dB mast amplifier with FI mix
    SKU: FAG36645

    €21.30 Tax included
  9. Mast Amplifier 40dB 2xUHF with LTE 5G

    €22.30 Tax included
  10. Mast Amplifier 1in UHF/VHF 30dB LTE 5G Engel
    SKU: ENGAM6105G5

    €22.36 Tax included
  11. Mandrel amplifier 25dB gain SBA102 Ikusi
    SKU: IKU1301

    €22.51 Tax included
  12. Mast Amplifier 34dB UHF LTE 5G Ikusi SBA-103-C48
    SKU: IKU1304

    €22.87 Tax included
  13. Mast amplifier kit UHF 25dB LTE 5G + Power supply
    SKU: JOH7322KTLTE2

    €22.87 Tax included
  14. 35dB mast amplifier with Ikusi FI 1307 mix
    SKU: IKU1307

    €23.49 Tax included
  15. Kit UHF 30dB LTE 5G Mast Amplifier + 24V 160mA
    SKU: TDT0067

    €23.56 Tax included
  16. Mast Amplifier 2 inputs (UHF-SATmix) LTE 5G
    SKU: IKU1308

    €23.96 Tax included
  17. Mast amplifier kit UHF 35dB LTE 5G + Power Supply
    SKU: JOH7329KTLTE2

    €24.19 Tax included
  18. Mast Amplifier 1xUHF 30dB RVF-211/U LTE 4G/5G
    SKU: ROV81185

    €24.72 Tax included
  19. 3e/1s Mast Amplifier (UHF-VHFmix-FImix) with 5G LTE filter
    SKU: TEL561621

    €24.82 Tax included
  20. Shielded Mast Amplifier 2in UHF-VHF 40-30dB LTE 5G
    SKU: ENGAM6212G5

    €25.12 Tax included
  21. Mast Amplifier UHF 1 Input 40dB LTE 4G/5G
    SKU: ROV81186

    €25.53 Tax included
  22. 2xUHF mast amplifier with 4G/5G filter
    SKU: ROV81187

    €25.76 Tax included
  23. Kit Mast Amp. 1in UHF/VHF 30dB LTE + 24Vdc Power Supply
    SKU: ENGAM6105KL

    €25.86 Tax included
  24. Mast Amplifier 2 Inputs UHF/VHFmix-FImix and 4 Outputs LTE
    SKU: TEL5354

    €26.17 Tax included
  25. Mast Amplifier 1 UHF Input 40dB LTE2 AM381-L2
    SKU: EK051026

    €26.68 Tax included
  26. Mast Amplifiers LTE 2e / 4s BIII / DAB / UHF-UH
    SKU: TEL536040

    €27.06 Tax included
  27. UHF-UHF-VHFmix Mast Amplifier 28dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL561721

    €27.43 Tax included
  28. Mast amplifier 1 input UHF 50dB LTE 5G
    SKU: ROV81182

    €27.73 Tax included
  29. LTE Mast Amplifier 3e/1s BIII/DAB-UHF-UHF
    SKU: TEL536041

    €27.87 Tax included
  30. Mast Amplifier 1in (FM/BIII/DAB/UHF) 36dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL535620

    €29.78 Tax included
  31. Mast Amplifier 28dB UHF-UHF-FImix LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL561421

    €30.26 Tax included
  32. Mast Amplifier 28dB 3in/1out BIII-UHF-FMmix LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL561821

    €32.55 Tax included
  33. BIII/UHF-FMmix-FImix LTE 5G Mast Amplifier
    SKU: TEL561521

    €33.49 Tax included
  34. Mast Amp. Kit 2in UHF-VHFmix 40dB 5G + 24Vdc Power Supply
    SKU: ENGAM6112K5

    €34.32 Tax included
  35. Mast Amplifier 1 UHF 38dB LTE 5G Fagor
    SKU: FAG36650

    €35.48 Tax included
  36. Mast Amplifier 3in (FM-BIII/DAB-UHF) 36dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL535720

    €36.32 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 42

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Mast Amplifiers