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Satellite Receiver to watch DTT Television in Spain

Television in Spain is designed to be received by terrestrial television repeaters with conventional UHF antennas. As we know, the orography of the land in Spain is very diverse and there are areas of valleys where coverage is usually poor. The change from analogue to digital television, although coverage has improved, even today there is no 100% total coverage throughout the territory. Especially in isolated rural areas where the investment in a repeater for the area is too high compared to the users to whom it is going to provide the service. All this has given rise to TDT-SAT. In other words, receive Spanish television by satellite.

The TDTSAT is a satellite receiver that needs an 80cm parabolic antenna oriented to Hispasat 30º West to work. In addition, these DTT satellite channels are not open, although they are free and do not have any type of monthly fee.

Even so, everyone does not have the possibility of opting for the DTT SAT. This system requires authorization from the administration and is only granted in three cases:

  • That you have a home in an area without coverage (shadow area)
  • That you have a motorhome
  • That you have a boat

Whatever your situation, we have to file a document with the administration with the details of your home or vehicle. Contact us for more information.

The price of the DTT-SAT receiver includes the administrative procedure. It does not include the material for the installation, (the satellite antenna, or wiring).

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