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TYPE D: Installer facilities radio broadcasting centers

To be given high as type D installer must purchase a team from each of the following:

  • Frequency
  • Wattmeter and artificial loads
  • multimeter
  • Meter earth
  • Spectrum analyzer

In this section we have all the equipment calibration certificate with serial number and register approved installer type D.

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  1. Portable 3 Ghz Frequency meter IC-300
    SKU: PROIC300

    €343.70 Tax included
  2. Digital ground resistance meter with spades PE-335 from Promax
    SKU: PROPE335

    €346.06 Tax included
  3. Artificial load 25 W IC-501
    SKU: PROIC501

    €351.96 Tax included
  4. Artificial load 150 W IC-502
    SKU: PROIC502

    €613.47 Tax included
  5. Poliscopio OS-782
    SKU: PROOS782

    €979.19 Tax included
  6. Multispan RF Wattmeter IC-002
    SKU: PROIC002

    €1,486.49 Tax included
  7. Spectrum Analyzer 3 GHz
    SKU: PROAE366B

    €1,722.44 Tax included
  8. Professional Resistance Meter Loop
    SKU: PROIC020

    €1,734.23 Tax included
  9. Spectrum analyzer
    SKU: PROAE266

    €3,067.35 Tax included
  10. Promax AE-166 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
    SKU: PROAE166

    €6,069.82 Tax included
  11. 3 GHz AE-167 Spectrum Analyzer + Tracking Generator
    SKU: PROAE167

    €7,308.56 Tax included
  12. 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer synthesized tracking
    SKU: PROAE967

    €7,800.00 Tax included

12 Items

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D type: Radio Broadcasting Centers