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UHF antenna DTT and 12V

There are two types of antenna for caravans; directional and omnidirectional. The difference between them is that the directional antenna needs to be oriented to the repeater in the area once the vehicle is stopped. In contrast omnidirectional antennas without antennas are fixed on the roof of the caravan and do not need to be targeted, receive signal 360. So much like another type on the market a wide range. We by experience the best we love antennas are functioning Televes: the Diginova and Omninova.

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  1. 3dB Passive Omnidirectional DTT Antenna (C21-69) Megasat

    €5.99 Tax included
  2. Active Omnidirectional DTT Antenna 18dB (C21-69) Megasat

    €8.53 Tax included
  3. Power injector Dinova antenna, connection to 12V by Televes
    SKU: TEL7450

    €16.76 Tax included
  4. DTT NEO HD antenna for caravans and boats

    €27.19 Tax included
  5. DTT-UHF Dinova Televes antenna with LTE 5G without accessories
    SKU: TEL144021

    €64.59 Tax included
  6. Antenna DTT-UHF Campnova 22dB LTE 5G (C21-48) Televes
    SKU: TEL144521

    €116.16 Tax included
  7. Dinova Boss DTT Antenna Kit (C21-C60) with PicoKom power supply
    SKU: TEL144012

    €116.63 Tax included
  8. Dinova LTE 5G DTT Antenna (C21-48) 34dB + Power Supply
    SKU: TEL144022

    €118.97 Tax included
  9. Antenna TDT-UHF Omninova 25dB LTE 5G (C21-48) Televes
    SKU: TEL144422

    €139.42 Tax included

9 Items

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Set Descending Direction

DVB - UHF 12V Antennas