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DTT decoders and satellite

In this category we find the receivers will be needed to see the TDT or channels that we provide the Satellites from our caravan or boat. Keep in mind that these will go with a voltage of 12V, which is offered us any type of boat or caravan.

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  1. Satellite Receiver Thomson HD TNTSAT 4 years ref. THS804
    SKU: THS804

    €128.03 Tax included
  2. TIVÙSAT 4K SRT 7840 SAT WiFi Receiver + Card
    SKU: SRT7840

    €181.50 Tax included
  3. Satellite Receiver IPTV Qviart LUNIX 3 UHD 4K OUTLET

    €229.00 Tax included
  4. Receiver TDT SAT HD Televes
    SKU: TEL512801

    €395.00 Tax included

4 Items

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