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IP video kit

The IP Video Door Kit are equipped with Ethernet port. You can connect to the Internet to expand their possibilities. Enable communication and opening the front door from the mobile phone, smarphone, computer or table.

This way you can call your home and you can answer the call from home or elsewhere from your mobile or portable device. Provided through the internet connection. This allows you to communicate with the person who is at the door of your house and decide whether to open the door of your home.

Guinaz plate needs power supply to operate, and the embedding box for assembly. The three items are sold separately.

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  1. Camera Kit + IP/DUOX Plus Interface 9453 by Fermax
    SKU: FER9453

    €259.18 Tax included
  2. Milo Meet 1W Panel + License Kit (without monitor)

    €483.31 Tax included
  3. Quadra mini video door phone handsfree kit with Wifi
    SKU: COM8561V

    €704.92 Tax included
  4. Video Doorphone Kit: Monitor 7" POE + Milo Meet Panel 1W

    €1,006.24 Tax included
  5. Fermax Marine Meet IP Panel + Directory Panel

    €1,341.91 Tax included

5 Items

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IP Video Kits