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Television signal in caravans and boats.

In this category we find all the necessary components to watch TV from our caravan or boat, both DTT and satellite. What we need for installation are TDT or parabolic antennas with corresponding media or masts. In addition the receptor uilización that normally run at 12V boat inside or caravan is necessary. In this section we both DTT receivers and satellite receivers to 12 Vdc.

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  1. Power injector Dinova antenna, connection to 12V by Televes
    SKU: TEL7450

    €16.76 Tax included
  2. Support for antenna omninova, campnova and dinova by Televes
    SKU: TEL151706

    €21.78 Tax included
  3. DTT NEO HD antenna for caravans and boats

    €27.19 Tax included
  4. Camping Kit with 35cm Satellite Dish + Compass

    €35.82 Tax included
  5. Satellite Dish Tripod for Camping
    SKU: MEG200014

    €43.74 Tax included
  6. Antenna TDT-UHF Omninova 25dB LTE 5G (C21-48) Televes
    SKU: TEL144422

    €146.39 Tax included

6 Items

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Caravans and Boats Antennas