Digital television receiver 12Vdc


Receiver for digital terrestrial television in your caravan or boat.
Although external DTTs are becoming increasingly scarce, because modern televisions bring them integrated, TDTprofesional always tries to have some models for their needs.
The tdt receivers capture the terrestrial digital signal. We have this type of receiver with power in 12v continuous to be able to connect directly to the battery circuit of your vehicle.
DTT receivers are required when the television does not have integrated DTT. The advantage of DTT in this section of our website is that they have the external transformer, and allows a connection to 12Vc directly.
In addition to the DTT that work with terrestrial antenna. We also have a satellite DTT which is the reference TEL512801. This DTT has the peculiarity that it receives the signal by the satellite Hispasat 30ºW. When receiving the satellite signal, with a parabolic antenna of 80cm in diameter, it does not depend on terrestrial repeaters, so having visibility to the sky looking towards the South, we can use our TDTSAT.
The rest of DTTs that receive the terrestrial signal, will depend on the coverage of the area and how good the DTT antenna installed in your caravan, which will determine if you can see DTT or not.

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HD DTT DVB-T2 AX Lion 4-M plus receiver

€28.59 Tax included

VIARK Combo HD Receiver for Satellite, DTT and Cable with Wi-Fi

Ref.: ViarkCombo
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Receiver TDT SAT HD Televes

Ref.: TEL512801
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High-definition DTT receiver T2H265 by Qviart

Ref.: QVIARTT2H265
€34.49 Tax included

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