Satellite receivers for nederlandse channels

Television dutch channels

We have two tipes of receivers, for dutch channels. We have also oficials. All that we have are in high definition.

Official ones: It has automatically actualizations, if the channel change the frequency it changes. The disadvantage is that are expensive. There are so good and with potency, for sure, and this are recommending by the official platform. The Receivers M7.

Receivers no Officials: It is cheaper than the official, and it has a lot of performance. The disadvantage is that if the channel change of frequency, it is necessary to change by ourselves. There are Titan Receivers.

The dutch channels receivers, satellite signals from Astra 19º and 23º. Normally it is necessary to installer a parabolic with a LNB momoblock or to installer a Multisatellite System with multifoco, two lnb´s and one DiSEqC switch.

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Satellite Receivers Titan FTASC (S905)

€74.54 Tax included

SAB Titan 4 combo receiver for Sky and Dutch channels

€101.05 Tax included

Satellite receiver HD M7 MZ101 Canaal Digitaal

Ref.: M7MZ101DIG
€179.32 Tax included

HD Satellite Receiver M7 MP201 Digital Channel

Ref.: M7MP201DIG
€344.39 Tax included

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