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Buy everything you need for the installation of DTT and satellite caravans and boats.

In this section we have everything for installation of antennas specially designed for use in caravans and boats. We can find  DVB-T antennas, satellite and all the elements needed for installation, such as mounts, masts, amplifiers, receivers DTT and satellite for vehicles, motor homes or boats, working with 12V power voltage provided by the vehicle.

TV antennas, satellite dishes, DVB-T and satellite receivers, accessories.

The installation of such equipment becomes the key for caravan drivers, and in order to enjoy satellite TV services or terrestrial television (DTT) anywhere

DTT antennas for caravans and boats

The range of DTT antennas for vehicles offers mainly:

  • Omnidirectional antennas: These are antennas that receive signal 360º so there is no need to be oriented to capture the signal as they are able to get signal over all sides of the antenna. It is comfortable for the user and do not have to worry about moving the antenna every time the caravan stops. These antennas are the only option for boats because they are always on the move and would not be possible to install a directional antenna.


  • Directional antennas: These directional antennas have to be targeted to the repeater antenna area whenever the vehicle is stopped. Normally installation of these antennas and user comfort, installation on a mast that traverses the roof of the caravan, so the user can from inside the caravan rotate the mast to find the correct position of the antenna is made and get to watch TV. They have cheaper prices than omnidirectional antennas.

Satellite dishes for caravans

Two types of caravan dishes:

  • Antennas with manual guidance: They are antennas to be moved manually using a compass and a sound locator for targeting. It's like making an orientation of a satellite dish on a house, and every time the vehicle moves and stops, you have to repeat the orientation process. It is suitable for those looking for an economic system and do not want to invest much in the dish. The end user with practice just finding the satellite quickly.
  • Motorized satellite dishes: These antennas have a motor inside and a control unit that automate the orientation of the satellite. The user only has to press a button and the antenna starts searching for the correct position within a few minutes to find signal.

Parabólica plana motorizada

In addition to acquiring the satellite dish, you need to buy a satellite receiver according to which channels are wished to receive via satellite. Please contact us for any questions.

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