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2-Wire Digital Audio Kits

The two-wire electronic door entry kits, as their name indicates, only two wires for their connection, sending audio, video, data and power through the same cable using frequency modulation. Comelit uses the Simplebus2 system while Fermax developed DUOX PLUS.

DUOX PLUS is the natural evolution of the DUOX system, it is an update that stands out for its greater capacity in all aspects: greater distances, more power, more number of terminals, higher resolution and fluidity of video and audio free of interference.

DUOX PLUS offers better performance, works at 24V instead of 18V and is very easy to implement as it supports any type of existing cable. The new version eliminates external interference that occasionally appeared in DUOX. Another of its novelties is the integration of the filter in the feeder itself; until then they were separate pieces.

DUOX PLUS is compatible with DUOX terminals.

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  1. Ciao-Mini Comelit Single Family 2-Wire Audio Kit
    SKU: COMKCA0061

    €81.68 Tax included
  2. 2-Wire CITYMAX Audio Kit for 1 Home OUTLET
    SKU: FER1102OUT

    €85.57 Tax included
  3. Audio Kit 2 Wires for 1 House CITYMAX Fermax
    SKU: FER1102

    €137.64 Tax included
  4. Audio City VEO DUOX PLUS 1W Kit
    SKU: FER49201

    €204.49 Tax included
  5. 1W DUOX PLUS Audio City iLOFT Kit
    SKU: FER50771

    €218.65 Tax included
  6. Audio City VEO DUOX PLUS Kit 2 Houses (2 wires)
    SKU: FER49211

    €233.59 Tax included
  7. Audio City Kit MEMOPH VEO DUOX PLUS 1W (2 wires)
    SKU: FER49131

    €300.84 Tax included
  8. MARINE iLOFT DUOX PLUS 1W Audio Kit (2 wires)
    SKU: FER50761

    €316.17 Tax included
  9. Kit duox for 2 homes with telephones

    €333.60 Tax included
  10. Kit duox for 4 homes with telephones

    €386.33 Tax included
  11. Kit duox for 6 homes with telephones

    €463.44 Tax included
  12. Kit duox for 8 homes with telephones

    €498.60 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 20

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2-Wire and DUOX Audio Kits