Audio and Video Transmitters

Transmitter audio and video signal

Signal transmitters are devices capable of sending the signal wirelessly from a source device to another TV or televisions. Typically, the kit includes a transmitter and a receiver. Additional units to other rooms are also sold in some models.

The transmitter includes a transmitter and a receiver. One is placed on the TV from which you want to receive the signal and the other is placed on the device you want to transmit the signal.

A common application is to have the receiver channel + in the classroom and want to see in a room. The transmitter is placed on the connected to Canal + and this at a time to the TV lounge. Then you have a receiver connected to the TV room. In this way on television in the room you're watching the same channel you have selected in the satellite receiver channel +. Besides these transmitters are able to send the signal of the remote control to change channels from the room. The control channel receiver + that you can take him to the room when watching Canal + from the room and thus watch TV and be able to handle the tuner Canal +. TV lounge may or may not have to be on. You can turn it off quietly, while you only on the transmitter and channel decoder + and be seeing it in the room.

It serves to transmit the channel signal + or any other device that has RCA or SCART output. As a TDT, free satellite receiver, a DVD, camera, etc.

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RCA to HDMI signal converter

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HDMI+IR DigiDim Transmitter and Receiver over WiFi 5GHz

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Adapter HDMI Powerline

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Wireless HD Transmitter Classic

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