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Power Supplies for Mast

In this category we have all sources of power that can be installed along mast amplifier. The mos important parameter to consider are the voltage, normally 12Vdc or 24Vdc and the amperage. To calculate the amperage of the source we mus consider amplifier consumption or the mast preamplifier and the antenna itself incorporationg the antenna itself into account.

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  1. Power Supply small size 24V, 250mA
    SKU: TECFAMAX24250

    €7.94 Tax included
  2. Power Supply 24V 160mA DC for Mast Amplifier
    SKU: TECFAMAX24160

    €10.65 Tax included
  3. Power supply 120mA, 24Vc, 2 outputs, F
    SKU: ROV86009

    €11.56 Tax included
  4. RAF power supply 2 F outputs 24V 150mA
    SKU: ROV86003

    €11.62 Tax included
  5. Johansson 24v 2434 Power Supply
    SKU: JOH2436

    €11.92 Tax included
  6. Power supply of 24Vdc and 150mA of 2 outputs FA-242 of Fagor
    SKU: FAGFA242

    €13.94 Tax included
  7. Power Supply 24Vdc 120mA 2 Outputs F
    SKU: ENGAL6121C

    €14.34 Tax included
  8. Power Supply 24Vdc/150mA 2 outputs FA24-S
    SKU: EK052003

    €15.56 Tax included
  9. Micro power supply 24VDC 100mA with 2 outputs
    SKU: IKU3437

    €20.45 Tax included
  10. Power supply 24V 130mA 2 outputs F Televes
    SKU: TEL5504

    €22.00 Tax included
  11. Power supply 24 Vc, 130 mA, 2 outputs
    SKU: TEL5795

    €22.99 Tax included
  12. Power Supply 12V 220mA 2 outputs F
    SKU: TEL550101

    €23.96 Tax included
  13. 12V 200mA power supply for Ellipse antenna
    SKU: TEL579401

    €26.34 Tax included
  14. Micro power supply 24VDC 100mA with 2 outputs OUTLET
    SKU: IKU3437OUT

    €18.09 Tax included

14 Items

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Mast Amp. Power Supplies