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Video kit with two-wire

The video entry kit are two-wire capacez transmit the video signal and audio from the street sign to the monkey house interior using only two-wire connection. This makes installation very much.

We have different types of kit. If in doubt consult for choice.

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  1. Comelit QUADRA 2-wire MINI Video Door entry Kit
    SKU: COM8461M

    €313.39 Tax included
  2. WAY 2-wire video intercom kit with 7" monitor for 1 home
    SKU: FER1401

    €315.47 Tax included
  3. QUADRA MINI 2 Wires Video Doorphone Kit with Handsfree
    SKU: COM8461V

    €330.33 Tax included
  4. Ultra and Mini Simplebus 2 Handset Kit
    SKU: COMKVU8190

    €338.80 Tax included
  5. WAY video intercom kit with 7" monitor + door opener for 1 Housing
    SKU: TDT0051

    €347.10 Tax included
  6. Video City Kit VEO DUOX PLUS WiFi Color 1W (2 wires)
    SKU: FER94411

    €381.15 Tax included
  7. Video City and Veo Doux Plus Kit 1L
    SKU: FER94211

    €403.79 Tax included
  8. Video Kit City VEO-XS WiFi DUOX PLUS Color 1W
    SKU: FER94511

    €407.36 Tax included
  9. Ultra and Mini Simplebus 2 Hands-Free Kit OUTLET

    €407.92 Tax included
  10. QUADRA MINI WIFI Video Kit Facial Rec. + Alexa (2 wires)
    SKU: COM8451V

    €423.50 Tax included
  11. Ultra and Mini WiFi Hands-free Kit Simplebus 2
    SKU: COMKVU8190W

    €431.97 Tax included
  12. Video City Veo-XS Duox Plus Kit 1L
    SKU: FER94311

    €438.08 Tax included
  13. Ultra and Mini Simplebus 2 Hands-Free Kit
    SKU: COMKVU8190V

    €439.29 Tax included
  14. 1 House Video Intercom Kit 2 Wires WAY-FI Monitor 7" WiFi
    SKU: FER1431

    €440.44 Tax included
  15. VEO DUOX PLUS 1W Video Kit with 2 Monitors (2 wires)

    €510.44 Tax included
  16. WAY 2-wire video intercom kit with 7" monitor for 2 homes 1402 Fermax
    SKU: FER1402

    €511.23 Tax included
  17. Video Kit City VEO-XL DUOX PLUS WiFi Color 1L (2 wires)
    SKU: FER9471

    €520.66 Tax included
  18. Kit duox for 2 homes with monitor

    €545.83 Tax included
  19. Video Kit V1 2H Series 8 Sfera New
    SKU: TEG378111

    €550.55 Tax included
  20. VEO DUOX 1 line kit with 2 accesses and 1 monitor

    €566.68 Tax included
  21. 2-Wire Simplebus Quadra and Icona Single Family Video Door Phone Kit
    SKU: COM8461I

    €570.76 Tax included
  22. Video Kit MARINE VEO-XS WiFi DUOX PLUS 1W (2 wires)
    SKU: FER50731

    €574.62 Tax included
  23. Video City Kit OTO VEO WiFi DUOX PLUS 1L (2 wires)
    SKU: FER49081

    €574.62 Tax included
  24. Maxi Video Door Phone Kit with 7'' Monitor 8461X
    SKU: COM8461X

    €582.65 Tax included
  25. 1W City MEMOV. Video Kit VEO DUOX PLUS WiFi (2 wires)
    SKU: FER49071

    €606.79 Tax included
  26. 1W City MEMOV Video Kit VEO-XS DUOX PLUS WiFi (2 wires)
    SKU: FER49121

    €608.75 Tax included
  27. Video City Kit VEO WiFi DUOX PLUS Color 2W
    SKU: FER94421

    €657.04 Tax included
  28. Black Marine Video Kit VEO-XS WiFi DUOX + 1 Housing (2 wires)
    SKU: FER50831

    €671.83 Tax included
  29. 2 Way Video City Kit VEO-XS WiFi DUOX PLUS (2 wires)
    SKU: FER94521

    €680.32 Tax included
  30. Video City VEO-XL WiFi DUOX PLUS 2 Dwellings Kit (2 wires)
    SKU: FER9472

    €730.03 Tax included
  31. Kit duox for 4 homes with monitor

    €771.56 Tax included
  32. Ikall HD Video Door Phone and Gateway Master without Monitor Kit
    SKU: COM8513HD

    €972.31 Tax included
  33. Kit duox for 6 homes with monitor

    €1,025.60 Tax included
  34. Kit duox for 8 homes with monitor

    €1,230.87 Tax included
  35. VEO-XL DUOX Plus WIFI Video Kit color 1/L OUTLET
    SKU: FER9471OUT

    €484.24 Tax included

Items 1-36 of 45

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Two wires Video Kit