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In this category we can find all the instrumentation needs to Telecommunications Installations. The majority of this can be use to make the measure which are normally in Telecommunication Installations. The majority of our equipment can be user to registrer as authorized according to the different types of Standards Installation.

Here, in our web, you can find Multimeters, Simulators, RF, Structured cabling and telephony, Earth and Insulation, Wattmeter and Charges Artificial Fibre and Sound Level Meters.

Finance your measuring equipment

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  1. Fiber protectors for fusion Televes 2327

    €0.29 Tax included
  2. Assembly tool type Krone LSA

    €10.70 Tax included
  3. Crimping Impact LSA 110

    €11.81 Tax included
  4. Network cable tester and USB NCT-2

    €13.35 Tax included
  5. Cable Tester RJ45 and BNC GTLAN 22GTST248

    €17.70 Tax included
  6. Nimo MUL003 Digital Multimeter

    €20.04 Tax included
  7. Kevlar scissors for fiber optics

    €31.62 Tax included
  8. TRUE RMS digital multimeter from Promax

    €36.30 Tax included
  9. Fiber optic cleaning kit

    €38.13 Tax included
  10. Warehouse Fibre

    €43.66 Tax included
  11. RJ45 CAT6 Female Termination Tool

    €49.01 Tax included
  12. Mechanical Splice Fiber Optic 5 Units

    €58.99 Tax included

Items 1-12 of 100

per page
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