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In this category we can find all the instrumentation needs to Telecommunications Installations. The majority of this can be use to make the measure which are normally in Telecommunication Installations. The majority of our equipment can be user to registrer as authorized according to the different types of Standards Installation.

Here, in our web, you can find Multimeters, Simulators, RF, Structured cabling and telephony, Earth and Insulation, Wattmeter and Charges Artificial Fibre and Sound Level Meters.


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  1. Digital Multimeter Electro DH 60.101
    SKU: ED60.101

    €10.70 Tax included
  2. Digital Multimeter with Temperature Probe
    SKU: ED60.105

    €11.07 Tax included
  3. Digital multimeter with DT850L memory

    €11.53 Tax included
  4. Digital Multimeter with Luminous Display + Protective Cover
    SKU: ED60.108

    €15.95 Tax included
  5. Nimo MUL003 Digital Multimeter

    €20.15 Tax included
  6. Dual Auto Range Digital Multimeter Electro DH 60.134
    SKU: ED60.134

    €31.07 Tax included
  7. TRUE RMS digital multimeter from Promax

    €42.47 Tax included
  8. 4 in 1 Fiber Optic Power Multimeter
    SKU: TESMT7615

    €63.54 Tax included
  9. Digital Multimeter with RMS PD-350
    SKU: PROPD350

    €106.72 Tax included
  10. Promax Current Clamp for AC and DC 600V/700A
    SKU: PROCT193

    €132.13 Tax included
  11. Multimeter with control android PD-351 of Promax
    SKU: PROPD351

    €135.68 Tax included
  12. Digital Multimeter With RMS+Bluetooth PD-352
    SKU: PROPD352

    €153.37 Tax included
  13. Smart 1000V/1000A Current Clamp
    SKU: PROCT337

    €192.24 Tax included
  14. Intelligent Multifunction Clamp Meter 1000V/1000A
    SKU: PROCT347

    €283.14 Tax included
  15. Audio impedance meter PE-005
    SKU: PROPE005

    €365.72 Tax included
  16. Unbalanced Three-Phase Wattmeter Clamp 600V/600A
    SKU: PROIC640

    €395.22 Tax included
  17. Artificial load 25 W IC-501
    SKU: PROIC501

    €436.51 Tax included
  18. Digital ground resistance meter with spades PE-335 from Promax
    SKU: PROPE335

    €448.31 Tax included
  19. Portable 3 Ghz Frequency meter IC-300
    SKU: PROIC300

    €501.40 Tax included
  20. Digital earth resistance meter stakeless
    SKU: PROPE425

    €507.29 Tax included
  21. Insulation meter PE-455 from Promax
    SKU: PROPE455

    €530.89 Tax included
  22. Power supply 30V / 5A + fixed outputs a 5 V and 15 V
    SKU: PROFA-363C

    €588.70 Tax included
  23. Artificial load 150 W IC-502
    SKU: PROIC502

    €766.84 Tax included
  24. Poliscopio OS-782
    SKU: PROOS782

    €1,297.73 Tax included
  25. Spectrum Analyzer 3 GHz
    SKU: PROAE366B

    €2,123.55 Tax included
  26. Promax Digital Sound Level Meter with metrology certificate
    SKU: PROIC202

    €3,185.33 Tax included
  27. Power network analyzer up to 3000 A IC-090 from Promax
    SKU: PROIC90

    €3,185.33 Tax included
  28. Promax AE-166 3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer
    SKU: PROAE166

    €6,960.53 Tax included
  29. 3 GHz AE-167 Spectrum Analyzer + Tracking Generator
    SKU: PROAE167

    €8,140.28 Tax included
  30. Radiocommunication Analyzer AC-726
    SKU: PROAC726

    €9,025.09 Tax included

31 Items

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