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Indoor DTT Amplification

In the installation of Television the most important is the indoor amplification. Normally it is the faster solution when we have some problem with the signal. The infoor amplification  is necessary to put when we have few television in our house and we have some pixelated in some television. This kind of amplifiers has a lot of outputs to connecting few televisions.

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  1. Indoor Amplifier UHF/VHF 18dB 2 Outputs CEI Female LTE 5G
    SKU: ENGAM6160G5

    €14.99 Tax included
  2. Indoor home amplifier for DTT and Cable, with return channel
    SKU: DAXED0734

    €15.43 Tax included
  3. Indoor amplifier 28dB UHF 2 outputs with 5G filter
    SKU: JOH7720-LTE2

    €18.09 Tax included
  4. Indoor Amplifier UHF/VHF 4 Outputs LTE 5G
    SKU: ENGAM6162G5

    €19.06 Tax included
  5. Interior Amplifier Housing 2S 24dB F LTE 5G

    €20.24 Tax included
  6. Indoor Amplifier UHF/VHF 25dB 2 Outputs LTE 5G Engel
    SKU: ENGAM6140G5

    €20.33 Tax included
  7. Indoor Amplifier UHF 20dB 4 Outputs LTE 5G Daxis
    SKU: DAXED0737

    €21.15 Tax included
  8. 20 dB amplifiers LTE housing 1e / 2s 47-790 MHz 12V
    SKU: TEL545740

    €23.27 Tax included
  9. Line UHF Amplifier F 13dB 107dBμV LTE (C21-60)
    SKU: TEL400610

    €23.49 Tax included
  10. Indoor UHF/VHF Amplifier 22dB 2 Outputs LTE 5G
    SKU: FAG36441

    €28.17 Tax included
  11. LTE 25dB amplifier housing 1e / 1s 47-790 MHz "CEI" Televes
    SKU: TEL552740

    €28.30 Tax included
  12. Indoor Amplifier UHF 2 Outputs 25dB LTE 5G Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3584

    €29.71 Tax included
  13. Indoor amplifier BIII/UHF 30dB 2 outputs Triax LTE 5G

    €32.00 Tax included
  14. UHF-SAT Indoor Amplifier 1in/1out LTE 5G Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3590

    €33.94 Tax included
  15. Indoor Amplifier UHF/VHF 4S+TV "F" 16dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL552320

    €34.32 Tax included
  16. CATV Indoor Amplifier (47-862MHz) 30dB 1 Output
    SKU: TECHA024R30

    €34.73 Tax included
  17. Indoor Amplifier UHF/VHF 2S+TV 20dB "F" LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL552220

    €35.20 Tax included
  18. Amplifiers housing 1E / 1S G24dB 5 ... 862MHz "F"
    SKU: TEL553301

    €35.86 Tax included
  19. Amplifier Housing DTT CEI 16dB 5s (4+TV) LTE 4G
    SKU: TEL552940

    €36.38 Tax included
  20. Indoor Amplifier UHF-SAT 2 Outputs LTE 5G Ikusi
    SKU: IKU3593

    €36.48 Tax included
  21. VHF/UHF Domestic Amplifier with 3 outputs (2 + TV) Televes
    SKU: TEL552001

    €39.18 Tax included
  22. Domestic TV Amplifier 5-2150 MHz 3 outputs (2+TV)
    SKU: TEL5530

    €40.12 Tax included
  23. Amplifier housing 2 outputs + TV; . 5-862 MHz Connector F.
    SKU: TEL5526

    €40.51 Tax included
  24. Home PicoKom self adjusting amplifier 1e / 1s 47 ... 790 MH
    SKU: TEL560541

    €41.03 Tax included
  25. Housing Amplifier UHF/VHF/SAT 2 Outputs LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL560601

    €41.20 Tax included
  26. Housing Amplifier 1e/2s Picokom LTE700
    SKU: TEL560522

    €41.47 Tax included
  27. Indoor Amplifier UHF/VHF 2S+TV "CEI" 20dB LTE 5G
    SKU: TEL545720

    €43.62 Tax included
  28. Indoor CATV Amplifier 34dB (47-862Mhz) Slope Adjustment TE-HA126R30
    SKU: TEHA126R30

    €46.02 Tax included
  29. UHF housing amplifier with 6 F-type outputs
    SKU: TEL553120

    €47.07 Tax included
  30. Indoor Amplifier UHF 20dB 2 Outputs LTE 5G Daxis
    SKU: DAXED0736

    €17.84 Tax included

33 Items

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