Purchase Conditions

1. - Prices


All prices are in Euro (€).


TDTprofesional products prices have the tax of Added Value (IVA) which, in most case, is convenient to apply.


Purchases made by an individual domiciled in a country member of European Union (EU) are applied to IVA. Purchases done by non-EU taxable persons, shall be exempt of the aforementioned tax.


Purchases made by individuals or legal entities located in a non-EU member country, Canarias or Ceuta and Melilla shall be exempt of IVA. In these territories, the customs duties should be a responsibility of the customer.


After selecting your delivery address and payment method, at your shopping cart, will be shown the full amount with its corresponding expenses and taxes.



2. – Payment Methods


1) Bank Transfer

Will be held an early transfer to our account of SANTANDER (Banco Santader S.A.) named to TDT PROFESIONAL TELECO S.L. Account Number: 0049-1400-71-2510076766

In case of an international transfer (if you do not send the payment receipt by fax or email, should delay some day to send the request): SANTANDER BIC (SWIFT-CODE): BSCHESMMXXX

IBAN: ES6100491400712510076766.

WARNING: Once done the payment, do not forget the reference number which should be given to you during your request. This number shall be essential to identify your payment, when necessary.

Monetary indexing or similar, when applicable, shall be a responsibility of the customer.


2) Cash

The customer will pay product when receives it.

This method is only valid for deliveries to Spain (including Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla), Andorra and Portugal. Has an additional fee on the total cost, due a cash management rate charged by transporter company. This fee is 2 €, regardless to product price.

TDTprofesional reserves the right to accept the cash payment method only for total amounts upper to 100 €.


3) Credit Cards

Once selected the credit card payment method, will be taken to a secured website of the financial entity Santander (Banco Santander S.A.) wherein they shall ask you your card number and its expiration date. After accepted, you will be taken to a secure website of your card´s bank, in which shall be solicited a secure code. This key can be of different forms, depending upon the bank entity. If you have not one, you should ask to your bank. Thus, we can guarantee that your card will not be used by other people. 


3. – Sending Methods


TDTprofesional sends the requested products to their costumers through a transport company named SEUR and other similar companies. Delivery period depends of product availability and the sending area. Delivery period and commitments, as well the fees for urgent sending, can be found in this website section.

TDTprofesional ensures the delivery of all website products within 7 business days to destinations of Iberian Peninsula, when the applications are done before 4 p.m. on between Mondays until Thursdays or before 2 p.m. on Fridays (GMT +1). Applications received at Saturdays, Sundays or days off, will be regarded as received at first business day after the request.

If the request includes some product which are not available in our stock, the customer can choose if want to have a unique sending (should be sent when all ordered products are available) or by multiple sending (we will send products which are available and the remainder will be sent when available). In case of multiple sending, each sending shall be considered as a unique sending for transportation fees purposes. TDTprofesional reserves the right to charge these shipments.

For outside European Union sending, all taxes and fees related to purchase shall be a responsibility of costumer, according to applicable laws of costumer´s country. In those cases will be applied as declared value to oversight of Customs, the amount in Euros. Custom taxes and similar can vary between each country and must be paid in cash upon receipt of purchase. The sending to outside of European Union, Canarias, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra are not applicable to IVA. TDTprofesional is not responsible to delivery delays produced by Customs Offices.


Questions and incidents due the delivery:

For any question or incident due the delivery of your requests, TDTprofesional makes available to its costumers the email antencionalcliente@tdtprofesional.com and a telephone number +34 952 230 671. We will immediately get in contact with Transport Company and we shall reply you by email or phone call. If upon receiving the request, you found some damage or similar at the package, inform it in delivery note. You also can refuse it, if the damage is evident. If any product has been delivered with some damage, you shall tell us and we will be responsible to change it immediately, with no additional costs.


4.-Sending Costs


Sending costs can vary in function of delivery address and total weight of products. The minimum weight to be considerable in each sending should be 3 kg. Our sending areas and its corresponding tariffs are following:


a) Spain (Iberian Peninsula):

  • Standard shipping service:
    The shipping costs are € 5.99 VAT included, with delivery period of 1 to 2 calendar days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).
  • Express delivery service:
    The shipping costs are € 7.99 including VAT, with a delivery time of 24 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) for orders placed before 12:00 AM. For orders placed after this time, the courier service does not guarantee the order to be delivered on the next day.
  • Free shipping:
    Free shipping for orders over € 100. Delivery period of 1 to 2 calendar days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).


b) Balearics:

Shipping costs from € 5,99 VAT included, increasing depending on weight. The delivery time is 2 to 3 calendar days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

cFor shipments to Canary Islands (Air):

Shipping costs from € 7,26, increasing depending on weight. The delivery time is 4 to 5 calendar days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

d) For shipments to Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra:

Shipping costs from € 6, increasing depending on weight. The delivery time is 4 to 5 calendar days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).


e) For shipments to Portugal (except islands): Delivery in 48/72 hours:

Shipping costs from € 7,50 VAT included,with delivery time of 24/48 hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

The cost of the shipments is variable, depending on the country of delivery. The delivery time is 5 to 7 calendar days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

fFor all other shipments:

Consult (atencionalcliente@tdtprofesional.com




In case of damaged product, TDTprofesional will proceed as appropriate. Any procedure of repair, replacement, price reduction or rescission of the contract, shall be free from costs. In these procedures, delivery costs to our office or to product manufacturer are included, as well the costs related to workforce and materials. The costumer shall send the product to our office by sending means which will be paid by us, and once we have solved the problem, we will re-send it by appropriated means. TDTprofessional considers only failures within two years, starting from the product arrival date. Costumer shall inform to salesman within 2 months upon becoming aware of failure. Batteries are free from warranty. All these elements have a period of training and are liable to exchange within 7 business days, according to law.


6.-Return Policy


Costumers will have a period of 14 days since product arrivals to cancel contract and return product. The costumer shall communicate TDTprofesional, within stipulated period, using any means allowed by law, your right and desire to rescind contract. The return request will be collected by TDTprofesional and shall be sent with its delivery note or, if appropriate, with invoice sent by TDTprofesional.


If the returned product shows some damage, TDTprofesional will charge costs of replacement or repairing, except in cases wherein the acquired product has a manufacturer´s warranty. In this case, costumer shall follow the procedures and conditions indicated by manufacturer.


Costumers can return any product which was purchased at TDTprofesional website, since product package was preserved and perfect conditions, otherwise items will be devaluated. In this case, TDTprofesional will return the paid amount by reimbursement in credit card or by bank transfer to an account indicated by customer. The return costs shall be a costumer responsibility.


TDTprofesional will not admit self-charging sending, except cases in which the return was given by any sending error made by us. In this case, we kindly ask you to contact our costumer service department.


If delivered product was different from requested, in reason of some error made by TDTprofesional, this will be removed, and the correct product will be sent with no additional costs.


For any incident related to product returning, you can get in contact with our customer service by email: atencionalcliente@tdtprofesional.com


7.- Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is safe to buy in TDTprofesional?

In cases of bank transfer or even in cases of cash payment, we do not ask none banking data or similar. Even through internet, it is you who directly realize the payment. Your banking data do not circulate through internet.

In cases of credit cards payment method, your bank details are secured by a safe website, provided by a financial entity. Since you entered at financial entity website, the same shall take you to a secured website of your bank, in which you will be asked for some additional safe data. 

TDTprofesional do not manage data from customer credit card at any moment, once payment procedure is realized in safe website from the financial entity, which TDTprofesional has no access.

Regarding your personal data which should be used to perform the purchase, all asked data are following rules of Privacidad y Protección de Datos (Privacy and Protection of Data).


How to cancel my request?

It is possible to cancel a request, since the same has not been sent. You can cancel it by sending an email, fax or by phone call. You must detail your reason for cancellation, with your data and reference number.


Which steps should I do to realize a return?

1)      Have to prove that product is in good conditions, as was delivered, as well its package.

2)      Shall not have passed 7 business days since product arrival.

3)      Call our costumer service department (+34) 952 230 671 to agree the return or replacement of product, after sending an email or fax.


We sell to companies or to people?

We sell to companies as well to people, in entire world.