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Fibaro home automation products.


Find everything you need from this renowned brand: Lighting, smart switches, plugs, buttons, DIN adapters, Home Center control panels. We have compiled all the best of Fibaro so you can find what you need without any effort.




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  1. Fibaro 2 FGB-002 Bypass Module
    SKU: FIBFGB002

    €14.52 Tax included
  2. Fibaro Z-Wave Bluetooth Temperature Sensor

    €22.99 Tax included
  3. euFIX DIN Adapter for Fibaro Double Relay Switch FGS-222
    SKU: FIBEUS222

    €30.02 Tax included
  4. euFIX DIN Adapter for Fibaro Double Switch FGS-223
    SKU: FIBEUS223

    €36.00 Tax included
  5. euFIX DIN Adapter for Fibaro Dimmer FGD-212
    SKU: FIBEUD212

    €36.00 Tax included
  6. euFIX DIN Adapter for Fibaro Relay Switch FGS-212
    SKU: FIBEUS212

    €36.00 Tax included
  7. euFIX DIN adapter for Fibaro Roller Shutter FGR-223
    SKU: FIBEUR223

    €36.00 Tax included
  8. Universal Binary Sensor FGBS-002 Smart Implant
    SKU: FIBFGBS-222

    €52.03 Tax included
  9. euFIX DIN Adapter for Fibaro Single Switch FGS-213
    SKU: FIBEUS213

    €55.10 Tax included
  10. Dark brown window / door sensor FGDW-002-7 Z-Wave Plus
    SKU: FIBFGDW0027

    €56.86 Tax included
  11. Remote control controller FGKF-601 from Fibaro

    €58.08 Tax included
  12. Black button for home automation actuator FGPB-101-2 ZW5
    SKU: FIBFGPB1012

    €58.08 Tax included
  13. Yellow button for use as a home automation actuator FGPB-101-4 ZW5
    SKU: FIBFGPB1014

    €58.08 Tax included
  14. Blue home automation button FGPB-101-6 ZW5
    SKU: FIBFGPB1016

    €58.08 Tax included
  15. Orange button for home automation system actuator FGPB-101-8 ZW5
    SKU: FIBFGPB1018

    €58.08 Tax included
  16. Window or door sensor in black color by magnetic contact
    SKU: FIBFGDW0023

    €58.08 Tax included
  17. White button for home automation FGPB-101-1 ZW5 Fibaro
    SKU: FIBFGPB1011

    €58.08 Tax included
  18. Button in red color for home automation control FGPB-101-3 ZW5
    SKU: FIBFGPB1013

    €58.08 Tax included
  19. Brown actuator button for home automation FGPB-101-7 ZW5
    SKU: FIBFGPB1017

    €58.08 Tax included
  20. White window or door sensor FGDW-002-1 ZW5
    SKU: FIBFGDW0021

    €58.08 Tax included
  21. Wall socket FGWPF-102 by Fibaro

    €67.76 Tax included
  22. Motion sensor FGMs-001 ZW5 of Fibaro

    €67.76 Tax included
  23. Fibaro FGWDEU-111 switch for lighting control
    SKU: FGWDEU111

    €68.97 Tax included
  24. Z-Wave Walli Switch Fibaro

    €68.97 Tax included
  25. Plug Walli Outlet F FGWOF-011 Z-Wave Plus

    €68.97 Tax included
  26. Fibaro Dimmer 2 FGD-212 250W
    SKU: FIBFGD212

    €70.18 Tax included
  27. Z-Wave Flood Sensor Fibaro FGFS-101

    €70.18 Tax included
  28. Fibaro Double Smart Module Z-Wave
    SKU: FIBFGS224

    €70.18 Tax included
  29. Fibaro Double Switch 2 FGS-223 module
    SKU: FIBFGS223

    €70.18 Tax included
  30. Fibaro Roller Shutter FGR-223
    SKU: FIBFGR223

    €70.18 Tax included
  31. Micromodule Switch Switch 2 FGS-213 for Z-Wave
    SKU: FIBFGS213

    €70.18 Tax included
  32. Fibaro RGBW Controller 2 Module FGRGBWM-442

    €70.18 Tax included
  33. Z-Wave Smart Module Fibaro FGS-214
    SKU: FIBFGS214

    €70.18 Tax included
  34. Smoke sensor FGSD-002 ZW5 by Fibaro

    €76.22 Tax included
  35. Fibaro Walli Roller Shutter FGWREU111
    SKU: FGWREU111

    €78.35 Tax included

    Items 1-36 of 43

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