Compatibility Guarantee

Place your orders with complete assurance that the material chosen is compatible with the change regulation of frequencies within the digital dividend.

All material will be reviewed to ensure compliance with the new regulations. In case of inconsistency, we will contact you to inform and seek an alternative to your order at no additional charge (whenever possible). In this way you avoid unnecessary costs.

 On September 19 the Council of Ministers issued the Royal Decree 805/2014, establishing the National Technical Plan for Digital Terrestrial Television approved and certain aspects for the release of the digital dividend are regulated.

This regulation comes under international decisions, it aims to promote efficient use of spectrum and ensure the use of the digital dividend band for services considered strategic for the economy, such as mobile telephony fourth generation (4G) that allows access ultrafast broadband mobile phones and portable devices.

This regulation eliminates one of the digital multiplex, being reduced to 8, all frecuenca below 790 MHz. Despite this change, we will continue watching the same channels as at present and in the future new licenses will be granted for the issuance of new DTT channels without the user having to spend a single Euro after this process.

 As of October 25, 2014 all broadcasters will broadcast eight MUX in the final frequencies between channel 21 and channel 60 (470 MHz to 790 MHz). All the material we sell is guaranteed to operate in this frequency range. Therefore we guarantee that during this transition period, you can buy with confidence products on the web, and be vigilant that all orders are well made by our customers.

 For further information please read our blog, where we explain this process in more detail.