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Duma 3421 basic loft phone from Fermax

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Loft basic Duox phone from Fermax

The telephone 3421 of Fermax installed in the houses, allows the communication with the street sign and the opening of the door.

It is a new concept of telephone for housing. It has an integrated design, according to new trends and lifestyles, simple and functional with great quality and design.

It is the first fully digital system in two-wire unpolarized technology. It is the most technologically advanced system in the world that allows a quick installation with only two wires.

DUOX allows maximum versatility, thanks to the stability and robustness in the transmission of the signal of this completely digital system that avoids any possible reflection and interference in the installation.


DUOX offers maximum simplicity of installation that enables the transmission of all signals: power, audio and data with the maximum capabilities.

What technical characteristics does the 3421 phone have?

  • Dimensions (mm): 85 x 220 x 40
  • Call extension or Lights and timers Activator: For direct connection of the call extension or the Activator of lights and timbres in the corresponding terminals.
  • Self-ignition: This functionality is possible with the board of its block, if the board is at rest, programmed as "0" and there is a conversation channel available.
  • The terminal incorporates a magnet in the area of ​​the headset that allows the arm to be well hung and fixed to the base.
  • This prevents the arm from falling during hanging by damaging the wall and also prevents it from causing damage to the installation due to poor hanging.
  • Screw on the surface.
  • Food: 18 Vdc
  • Door opener button and concierge call.
  • Button to end the communication.
  • Call volume regulation
  • Control on / off
  • Doorbell: for direct connection of the call button of the apartment to the monitor / telephone.
  • Private communication Conversation secret
  • Consumption:
  • At rest:> 20 mA.
  • Maximum: 300 mA.

Additional Information
EAN 8424299034218
Manufacturer Fermax
Color White
Color Color
Type N/A

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