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Sale Portero electrónico para placas Fermax

Phone Loft 4 + N Universal

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Quick Overview

Telephone LOFT 4 + N Universarl 3399 of Fermax

Fermax 3399 phone is an audio terminal, which installed in homes, allows communication with the street sign and the opening of the door.

This phone is a new concept of home phone. An integrated design, according to new trends and lifestyles, simple and functional that combines quality and design.

Its purity of lines, its technology and its features.

Before making the purchase of this product, you have to see that your phone is connected with 5 threads, since there are products with the same appearance but different technology to this analog product. In case of doubt consult us.

Option coming from return:

The phones have been returned. They are phones that are aesthetically in perfect condition. Only the box has been opened and may be damaged. We have verified its correct operation and perform all functions correctly. Guaranteed. It has a 2 year warranty.


Universal analog audio terminal and for Fermax 5-wire telephones. Made of high impact ABS plastic, it has ultraviolet protection for greater resistance to light. Easy installation. Use the conventional common thread system plus 1 call wire, called 4 + N.

What technical characteristics does the Loft 4 + N Universal phone have?

  • The terminal incorporates a magnet for holding the handset to the body of the phone, which facilitates the hanging of the handset and prevents falls.
  • Screw on the surface.
  • System power:
  • Audio: 12 Vac
  • Door opening button.
  • Weight: 0.3265 kg
  • Measures of the packed product: 25,8x8,8x5,8 cm
  • Internal potentiometers for volume regulation in both directions.
  • Device for electronic call or buzzer configuration.
  • Device for common mass configuration or separate masses.

Which phones are compatible?

Fermax old and obsolete doorphone phones can be replaced by this model 3399. Here is the list of obsolete phone models and codes:

Masa Común:   Masas Separadas:  
NR-06 2046 NR-051 2044
NR-0119 2046 NR-0104  2044
NR-0208 2110 - 21100 TN1 Sobremesa  2024
NR-0209 2046 NR-0208  20440 
NR-1732 2001 NR-0208  20444 
NR-2086Z 8046 Sobremesa 8099 
110118CI01A 1035-1036 NR-2086  8044 
101CI07A 8039 101CI15A  8044 

Explanatory video how to connect Fermax universal telephone

Additional Information
EAN 8424299033990
Manufacturer Fermax
Color White
Color Solo Audio
Type N/A

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