100 Mts Fiber Optic Patchcord FC / PC

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Hose F.O. 100m FC / PC. Ref: 236108 of Televes.
Preassembled patch cables FC / PC. Reinforced fiber optic cable singlemode 3.0. Necessary adapters may be found in the Accessories section of our Fiber Optic web.


  • The pre-connectorized, hoses made singlemode fiber type and LSFH G657a, what it does is it:
  • Have a high transmission speed.
  • We have very low attenuation.
  • It carries a halogen-free fibers (LSFH).
  • Low smoke.
  • Minimum bend radius of 30mm.
  • Cable 3 mm thick finished with 2 connectors FC / PC (9mm).
  • Flexible inner shield (1.3mm in diameter) consisting of a stainless steel coil, and covered with Kevlar.
More Information
EAN 8424450142837
System Optic Fiber
Serie 100m
Fiber type Singlemode
Entorno Interior
Product Brand Televes
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