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Protective bag fiber optic fusion Televes 2327.

When making a fiber optic fusion needed a protective sheath for the joint is completely isolated, subject and firm. These are the protectors used. You need one for each fiber splice being performed.

These protective optical fiber are used in the fusion splicer by the Televes 232103, which you can find in the following link.

The protective fiber optic 2327 is used to cover and protect the merger in our optical fiber splice, thus isolating and ensure that they can not break.

This protector is sold in a bag of 100 pieces.

With that I can use splicer fiber optic protector 2327 Televes?

This protector can be used with any splicer market, but we will recommend the new splicer 232,103 Televes, which you can find by clicking on the link below.

It can also be used in model splicer hand, the splicer 232130 Televes because, although hand, also performs a fusion arc, which means that our joint also has to be protected to prevent breakage. The splicer 232130 Televes, you can find it at the following link.

The protective Televes 2327 is composed of a metal frame and termorretáctil cover to strengthen the merger, avoiding possible breakage to be manipulated by the operator.

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