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12V and 5A power supply for cameras


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5A power supply

Do you need a power supply for cameras? This 12Vc and 5A power supply is used as a generic source for surveillance cameras. Most surveillance cameras have a consumption less than 1A. Just consider the voltage and current your camera needs. If your camera needs 12Vc, and less than 5000mA you can use this transformer.

Normally a camera consumes less than 500mA, with this 5A feeder you could connect several cameras with a single feeder.


This power supply allows several cameras to be powered thanks to the fact that it is 5A.

What technical characteristics does this power supply have?

  • 12V power supply.
  • 5A feeder.
  • Black.
  • It allows to feed several cameras.

What is this power source used for?

A power supply of 12V and 5A allows to feed several cameras of a CCTV installation at the same time, thus being able to give energy to several cameras with a single source.

Additional Information
EAN 8430552156238
Color Black
Manufacturer TDTprofesional
CCTV Accessory Power supply
Storage No

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