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175 mm Turret 2.5m intermediate sections

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Satélite Rover
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175 mm Turret 2.5m intermediate sections

The intermediate section of 2.5 meters for the turret is placed on a 175mm fixed by the screw to withstand dynamic loads normal working base. We have to choose the location of the base and the anchor points of winds on the ground taking into account the height of the turret to install to determine the distances from the base to the anchors.

This turret also has a steel tube 20 mm and corrosion protection.

1 to 7 days

The middle section of 2.5 meters turret has an external measurement of 175 mm, with plug-sections by screws.

What features does this turret?

  • Steel tube 20 mm.
  • Celosia discontinuous calibrated rod 7 mm.
  • Sections leading to masts up to 45 mm.
  • Anticorrosion protection electrozincado bluish white.

Where this type of turret is used?

This type of gun turrets are used in areas in which a great height is needed to install our antennas as there are buildings or trees that prevent a direct connection between our antenna and repeater, producing an shaded areas, causing us to have interference and even complete loss of the image on your television.

For installation of the turret connection by screws, a fixed base is necessary to screw turret floor, which can be found at the following link.

This section is the middle part of the turret, so installing it on a fixed base is required for screwing, ie can not be installed directly on the ground. For installation of a turret you can choose different combinations, depending on the height you need, we can "play" with the installation of the sections we want, for example:

  • Base - intermediate - higher.
  • Base - top, if we need high, but not too much.
  • Base - intermediate - intermediate - upper, if we need a considerable height.

In addition to these conjugates, we can choose many more combinations, provided the bolted go down Base and upper end is the upper section.

This stretch, as the intermediate section of the turret, can be used many times want to reach the desired height for our turret.

More Information
EAN 8401314003015
Type Turret
Section Middle
Max. system height 10 m
Side size 180 mm
Length 2.5 m
Color Silver
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