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40dB outdoor LTE2 filter for 5G

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LTE2 outdoor filter for the 5G band

This Johansson 6024-C48 filter is protected with a hood to be installed in the mast of the DTT antenna and thus eliminate interference with the frequency bands from channel 49, which belong to 4G and 5G, with a rejection of 40dB.

It allows the passage of current for those active UHF antennas that need to be fed. The filters on the contrary, are passive, so they do not feed.

24/48 Hours

LTE2 filter to eliminate interference with the 4G frequency band and the impending 5G of the Second Digital Dividend with a start date for 2020.

What technical specifications does the Johansson LTE2 6024-C48 filter have?

  • Frequency range: 5 ..694MHZ
  • C48 channel cut
  • LTE Rejection: 40dB
  • GSM Rejection: 15dB
  • Indoor / outdoor use
  • Current flow
More Information
EAN 2060240048017
Color Gray
TV-SAT Distribution Equipment Filter
Entorno Exterior
TV-SAT Distribution Connection F
Cut channel 48
Input signal DAB, FM, UHF, VHF
Insertion Loss (dB) 3
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