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75 ohm load for distributors with flange type connection

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75 ohm load for flange type distributors

This type of load of 75 Omh is used to "close" our installation and prevent interference from entering the flange type connections, as well as including a capacitor that blocks the current and prevents the power from passing to other points of the installation .

It can be installed in any distribution element with EasyF connection, such as diverters or distributors, that have free connections.

By installing these loads, we improve the signal-to-noise ratio of a television installation, and allow a better operation of the DTT installation.

24/48 Hours

75 Ohm load for distributors or flange type shunts.

What technical characteristics does this 75Ohm load have?

  • Load of 75 Omh.
  • For connection type flange or EasyF.
  • Combi-compatible with the shunts and distributors with "Easy F" connector.
  • Includes a condenser that blocks the continuous power supply.
  • It must be ensured that the central conductor connects correctly in the female opening enabled for this and the exterior of the load, in connection with the chassis of the distributor or distributor.

What is a 75 Ohm load used for?

The function of the 75 ohm load is to close the installation and prevent all the inputs and outputs of the shunts, distributors, amplifiers, etc. function as small antennas of impulsive noise and therefore can affect the signal. This impulsive noise is in the environment, it is generated by motors, pipes, vehicles ... and therefore it is very complicated to detect and control. That is why it is always recommended that all installations be loaded, to prevent the noise from entering through the inputs and outputs of the elements that form it.

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