75x81 cm satellite dish with Cahors SMC-80 polyester disc

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Satellite dish 75x81 cm. with polyester disc

Cahors SMC-80 antennas have a reflector made of polyester reinforced with fiberglass that allows it to withstand the most adverse weather conditions offering in all cases a high performance

With an antenna of 80 cm diameter, as it is the antenna SMC-80 of Cahors you can receive satellites HOTBIRD 13E, ASTRA 19E, ATLANTIC BIRD 5W and HISPASAT 30W in the whole peninsula and in general all satellites whose footprint of coverage has a PIRE greater than 46 dBW.

It can be said that the EIRP is the power with which the satellite radiates towards the earth and these coverage maps can be consulted on the internet.

If you have doubts about which size of dish, choose us.

LNB not included.

The SMC 80 antenna meets all the technical requirements related to the reception of medium power satellites.

What technical characteristics does the SMC-80 antenna have?

  • Horizontal axis: 75 cm
  • Vertical axis: 81 cm
  • Arm material: aluminum
  • Back piece of material: galvanized steel
  • Frequency band: 0.7 - 12.75 GHz
  • F / D Report: 0.65
  • Angle of opening at 11.325 GHz .: 2.2º
  • Performance: 70%
  • Gain (dB) at 11.325 GHz: 37.5
  • Gain (dB) at 12,625 GHz: 38.25
  • Merit factor (dB / ° K) at 11.325 GHz: 16.1
  • Merit factor (dB / ° K) at 12.625 GHz: 16.7
  • Noise temperature: <35 ° K
  • Tube accessory: Ø 50 to 60 mm
  • Lift adjustment: 0 ° to 55 °
  • Azimuth adjustment: Ant. SMC + 80 0 ° to 360 °
More Information
EAN 3579431405519
System Satellite
SERIE Aluminum
Color White
Size 80 cm to 95 cm
Type Offset
Orientation Manual
Material Aluminium
Mast max. diameter 60 mm
LNB included No
Product Brand Cahors
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