Adapter Powerline 200Mbit/s, P.Link

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The P-link NANO of TELE System allows the extension of the connection of the Modem - router of a simple way across wired up electrically. To send the ADSL sign to another room, only we have to connect the device to the electrical capture and to the Modem, and across the electrical network it will come up to the second adapter connected in another capture of the network.


  • It has an Ethernet port 10/100Mbps 
  • Is compatible with devices Audio / video that ports have ethernets for connection to Internet. 
  • Maximum speed of 200Mbit/s 
  • Maximum extension of 300m 
  • 100 m of maximum extension without loss. 
  • Encriptacion: AES 128bit 
  • Supply of 100-240V AC 50/60Hz 
  • Modulation: GMSK, OFDM 
  • Compatible with devices powerline@HOME: (P-link 0.2 - P-link 0.3 WiFi KIT - P-link WiFi) 
  • Maximum Number of powerline connectable is 8 
  • Dimensions: 53x53x27 mm


  • 2x P-link NANO 
  • 2x ethernet cable (1 mt) 
  • 1x Manual of use 
  • 1x Certificate of guarantee
More Information
EAN 8024427016330
System Red
SERIE Fast Ethernet
Color White
Network Equipment Powerline PLC
Ports 1
Data Speed Fast Ethernet (10/100Mbps)
PoE No
Product Brand Telesystem
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