Amplifier FM Header (BII) low gain. SZB series.

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Header FM Amplifier (BII) low gain. SZB series. Ref: IKU2293 IKUSI.
This FM amplifier (BII) header low gain of Ikusi offers a frequency agility and a simplicity that gives us maximum flexibility and ease of expansion. They are designed for Amplifcacion of both analog and digital channels. We get a Z input demultiplexing and Z output multiplexing.


  • Modules Amplification, Conversion and Modulation, dim. 190x38x87 mm.
  • F connectors
  • Toolless mounting on foundation-wall bracket.
  • TV single channel and multichannel amplifiers, the latter specially designed for the co-amplification of analog and digital channels. Z input demultiplexing and Z output multiplexing.
  • Adjacent channel amplification in UHF band.
  • Amplifiers FM and DAB radios.
  • PLL controlled converters.
  • Z input demultiplexing.
  • At one station each converter module must be complemented with an amplifier module output channel.
  • Programmable TV modulators Double Sideband.
  • Feeders from the AC mains, dimensions 215x35x140 mm.
  • +24 VDC output voltage automatically connected to the RF modules through contact bar incorporated in the base-support.
  • In a station it is appropriate to order SZB amplifiers in order of increasing channel.
  • The output is taken from the last one.
  • More Information
    EAN 8435136422938
    System DTT
    Color Gray
    Type Single channel amplifier
    Entorno Interior
    # Inputs 2
    Outputs 2
    Gain 30
    Max. output level Ganancia (dB/uV) 113
    LTE compatible No
    Product Brand Ikusi
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