60cm satellite dish with LNB and Tecatel support

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60cm parabolic antenna kit with LNB and support

Kit of 60 cm offset dish antenna with Tecatel LNB and support with which you can perfectly capture Astra 19º throughout the peninsula.

This economic kit allows the installation of a 60 cm diameter parabolic antenna on a wall or railing thanks to the support it incorporates, as well as allowing the reception of the aforementioned satellites thanks to the LNB. It also includes the fittings and the fastening for the installation of the antenna to the support.

This kit does not include the screws or the plugs for installing the bracket on the wall. The connectors and the coaxial cable to make the run to the decoder are not included either.

With the Tecatel 60 cm satellite dish kit, LNB and stand you can enjoy the free channels received by the Astra 19E satellites.

This kit is widely used by Movistar + installers (Antiguo Canal +).

What does this kit include?

  • 60 cm satellite dish. of diameter of Tecatel.
    • Diameter of 510 x 570 mm.
    • Focal length of 327 mm.
    • Efficiency greater than 70%.
    • Reflector made of electro-zinc plated iron.
    • Reflector thickness of 0.60 / 1 mm.
    • Offset angle of 28º.
    • Gain from 33.5 dB to 10.70 Ghz.
    • Gain of 34.8 dB at 11.70 Ghz.
    • Gain of 35.4 dB at 12.75 Ghz.
  • LNB.
    • Economic LNB, which may vary according to availability, has the following specifications:
    • 1 Exit
    • Type F connector
    • Impedance 75Ω
  • Support for antenna of 60 cm.

How to install a satellite dish?

To install a parabolic antenna you need mainly a hammer, drill, drill bit, wrench, handle for the placement of the dowels, compass and marker, in addition to all the components of the satellite dish.

You have to choose the ideal point to install the satellite dish, which must be free of obstacles to pick up the best signal. Once this has been done, the support must be placed on the wall (check that the plate is horizontal with a level).

Then the antenna must be placed, better with the plate facing down following the instructions given by the manufacturer to attach the antenna arm and place the support. The antenna is hung in the holder leaving the screws somewhat loose for lifting and turning.

More Information
EAN 8403186274050
System Satellite
Color White
Size 30 cm to 65 cm
Type Offset
Orientation Manual
Material Steel
Mast max. diameter 60 mm
LNB included Yes
Outputs Single
Product Brand Tecatel
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