Offset Dish 85cm aluminum HQ HIGH QUALITY Orange Televes 7902

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75cm satellite antenna

With an antenna of 75 cm diameter you can receive the satellites HOTBIRD 13E, ASTRA 19E, ATLANTIC BIRD 5W and HISPASAT 30W in the whole peninsula and in general all the satellites whose footprint of coverage has a PIRE superior to 46 dBW. It can be said that the EIRP is the power with which the satellite radiates to earth and these coverage maps can be consulted on the internet. If you have doubts about which size of dish to choose, consult us.

Televés meets the strictest requirements in terms of corrosion resistance, wind resistance and ease of installation.

LNB not included

Televes 7902 parabolic antenna is designed to withstand the toughest and most aggressive environmental conditions

What technical characteristics does the 7902 antenna have?

  • Aluminum disc, with the LNB support made in zamak and adjustable in height.
  • Foldable arm for easy mounting.
  • Pre-assembled LNB arm and support.
  • Reinforced and hot galvanized support.
  • Coaxial cable hidden through the arm and secured with tabs.
  • Stainless steel screws.
  • Approval of the German TÜV certifying body.

What technical specifications does the 7902 antenna have?

Referencia 7902 
Gama QSD
 Dimensiones  mm  750x850
 Ganancia  dB 38,5
 Frecuencia GHz 10,7 - 12, 75
 Ancho de haz (-3 dB)   2,31 
 Relación F-D   0,6
 Ángulo de elevación  º  10 - 80º 
 Peso aproximado  Kg 8,5 

What are the advantages of a DSA antenna?

  • The aluminum reflector, the hot dip galvanized support and the stainless steel screws guarantee a long lasting solution.
  • The fixing bracket offers great stability to the assembly.
  • Dimensions, shape and performance.
  • Maximum precision expression.
  • The advanced support and arm (folded and pre-assembled) design allows for a 4-step installation process.
  • Concealed cable laying simplifies coaxial cable attachment and improves the appearance of the assembly.
  • TÜV approval.
More Information
EAN 8424450144442
System Satellite
SERIE Aluminum
Color Orange
Size 80 cm to 95 cm
Type Offset
Orientation Manual
Material HQ aluminium
Mast max. diameter 60 mm
LNB included No
Product Brand Televes
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