Antenna Support Ø 25mm for Balcony or Window

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Satélite Rover

Arm Ø 25mm Satellite Rover 61040 for Balcony/Window

Support for the installation of a terrestrial antenna or 60cm satellite dish on a balcony/window. Made of zinc-plated iron, resistant to corrosion, with a corner plate L to be able to screw on a window or balcony, both to the front and side wall.

The union of the plate and the support rotates and is fixed with a screw. The base can be screwed to the wall and wall or wall and floor, keeping the support completely vertical. Support with Ø 25mm tube and 560mm separation from the wall.

Arm Ø 25mm for Terrestrial Antenna or 60cm Satellite Dish, Window/Balcony mounting

What technical specifications does the Rover 61040 Satellite Mount have?

  • Dimensions: 560 x 260 mm
  • Tube diameter: 25 mm
  • Window or balcony mounting
  • Material: iron, zinc plated for anti-corrosion protection
  • Recommended for 60cm terrestrial or parabolic antenna
More Information
Support TypeAntenna Support
Pair requiredNo
Max. Antenna Diameter60 cm
Product BrandSatélite Rover
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