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Blocker DC Adapter "F"

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Blocker current F

The Televes 4071 power block is a voltage block with a male to female F-type plug.

This blocker performs the function of preventing tension from being passed through the cable. This prevents undesired voltages from circulating.

24/48 Hours

Televes 4071 power block allows you to block the voltage we do not need from our installation.

What technical characteristics does the 4071 blocker have?

  • It has an F-type connection.
  • It blocks the voltage we do not need from the installation.

Why do you use a voltage blocker?

A voltage blocking device, such as Televes 4071, is used to block unwanted voltage from our installation.

This blocker can not be used in an installation of a dwelling that has the dish directly connected to the satellite receiver, since it would not reach the LNB, so it would not receive a signal.

Therefore this blocker is used to not put tension to the collective installation of our building.

24/48 Hours
More Information
EAN 8424450040713
System Coaxial
SERIE Connection
Color Silver
Type Power Blocker
Connection type F female, F male
Form factor Straight
Product Brand Televes
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