Module 2 Buttons V 201 BUS2 / VDS of Fermax

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2 Push Button Module 201 for SKYLINE plates

Module 7376 of Fermax type V for SKYLINE plates, with 2 buttons and backlit card holder to place personalized labels with the owner's name or the floor number.

Easy assembly accessory. Made of metal with a rounded shape following the curved shape of the plate. Push buttons with chrome finish. Module designed for BUS2 and VDS systems.

Outdoor plate perfectly protected against various weather conditions, including rain.

It is possible to combine with more modules to have more button capacity, provided they are from the same SKYLINE series.

What features does the 2-button module 7376 from Fermax have?

There are 2 sizes of button modules.

  • Measures modules.
    • Module V: 105,2x47,5 mm (width-height).
    • W module: 105,2x95 mm (width-height).

Consumption: 3 mA (lighting row of buttons).

Developed for VDS and BUS2 systems. No extension modules require call.  

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EAN 8424299073767
System VDS
Product Brand Fermax
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