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Connectors Compression Tool

The connectors to comprension is so hard, so if we want to take off the connector we must cut the cable. This kind of conexion is make in profesional installations, because there we need a sure and quality conection and distribution of the signal. The handicap is the price of the connector and that need a special tool to make the crimping the connection (that is, connect the connector). In this section you will find compression connectors for different cable diameters. Compression tools will find them in the category of "Tools for Connectors".

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  1. F compression connector for T200 cable (6.9 mm)
    SKU: TEL410801

    €0.70 Tax included
  2. Conector de compresión RG6

    €0.71 Tax included
  3. Compression F connector for cable 6.8mm

    €1.02 Tax included
  4. F Male Compression Connector for RG59
    SKU: TEL4105

    €1.09 Tax included
  5. Quick F compression connector angled for RG6
    SKU: TEL410701

    €1.46 Tax included
  6. Compression Connector for TR165
    SKU: TEL4106

    €2.35 Tax included
  7. Connector F Compression RG6 (6.8mm) 25 pcs.

    €25.46 Tax included

7 Items

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Compression Connectors