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There could be no lack of wiring to mount doorphones and video doorphones in our online store. Formerly, with analogue doorphones there was only one type of cable, which was a N-wire hose, as many as needed per home plus 4 extras that were used in common. In other words, 4+N analog technology. This means that in a building with 50 neighbors, the installer found a 54-wire street panel, that is, an intractable tangle.

Over the years, technologies have been improved, and with digital and its different versions the number of necessary cables has been reduced, but the variety of cables with which an installation can be made has been expanded. That we will see in this section.

Doorphones and video doorphones can be basically divided into two technologies. Analog and digital.

The analogue doorphones of a lifetime are also called conventional doorphones or 4 + N system, more technically speaking. They use 4 common wires and 1 extra wire for each house, which is used for the call.

For an installation of one or two houses, the 6-wire cable we have can be used. The section of the 0.25mm or 0.50mm cable will depend on the distance and above all on the technical specifications of the gatekeeper's own manufacturer.

In analog video doorphones, the same rule as the previous one applies, but we also found a coaxial cable for the video image. Coaxial cables you have in our section of coaxial cables.

In digital door entry systems we can distinguish two technologies for the Fermax brand, VDS and DUOX.

  • VDS system: It is a system that only uses 3 wires in audio and in a video door phone with 5 wires it is enough. Supports variety of wiring. With this technology, Fermax was launched on the market with the slogan “Change from doorphone to video doorphone with Fermax” because the existing convention doorphone wiring in a building could be reused to mount a video doorphone. It can also be wired with UTP cable, or with coaxial + 3 wires or with 5 wires in hose. That is why you can find cheap UTP cable in this section.
  • DUOX system: Replaces the old BUS2 system (although they are not compatible with each other), it allows the installation of 2 non-polarized wires in the installation. Simplifying the wiring. The ideal wiring for this system are two parallel wires with a section of 1 mm. But it is a multipurpose system and it can even admit another type of cable, although it may be necessary to carry out an exhaustive review of the installation to make sure that the cabling is usable. Parallel cable is also available.


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  1. Hose for Alarm and Intercom 4 Cables with CPR 100m
    SKU: WIR9085
    On request
    €16.14 Tax included
  2. Parallel Cable Bicolor 2x0.75mm Red and Black 100m
    SKU: CABPA2x0.75
    In stock
    €20.86 Tax included
  3. White parallel cable 2x0.75mm CCA Coil 100m
    SKU: CABPA2x0.75BLAN
    In stock
    €20.86 Tax included
  4. Hose for Alarm and Intercom 6 Cables with CPR 100m
    SKU: WIR9086
    On request
    €24.13 Tax included
  5. Parallel Cable RJ 2x1 audio Bicolor Black and Red 100m
    In stock
    €24.77 Tax included
  6. Hose for Alarm and Intercom 8 Cables with CPR 100m
    SKU: WIR9087
    In stock
    €29.50 Tax included
  7. Shielded Parallel Cable 2x0.15mm Coil 100m
    SKU: CABPA2x0.15AP
    In stock
    €29.86 Tax included
  8. 0,25mm CC-4/25 4-wire door cable in 100m coil
    SKU: CEN006002B
    On request
    €31.38 Tax included
  9. Hose for Alarm and Intercom 10 Cables with CPR 100m
    SKU: WIR9088
    On request
    €35.80 Tax included
  10. 0,25mm CC-4/25 6-wire door cable in 100m coil
    SKU: CEN006003B
    On request
    €40.62 Tax included
  11. Hose for Alarm and Intercom 12 Cables with CPR 100m
    SKU: WIR9089
    In stock
    €42.18 Tax included
  12. Parallel Cable Red-Black copper LSZH Red/Black 2x1mm 100m coil
    On request
    €62.05 Tax included
  13. 0,25mm CC-4/25 8-wire door wire in 100m coil
    SKU: CEN006004B
    On request
    €66.25 Tax included
  14. 4-wire 0.50mm CC-4/50 intercom cable in 100m coil
    SKU: CEN006020B
    On request
    €67.84 Tax included
  15. KNX Bus Cable 4 Wires Shielded Cu 4x0.8mm Green Sheath 5.5mm Coil 100m
    SKU: NIMWIR9171
    In stock
    €74.10 Tax included
  16. Parallel Red-Black copper cable 2x1.5mm 100m coil
    SKU: WIR8013
    In stock
    €76.48 Tax included
  17. Hose for Alarm and Intercom 20 Cables with CPR 100m
    SKU: WIR9090
    In stock
    €76.73 Tax included
  18. 12-wire 0.25mm CC-12/25 video intercom cable in 100m coil
    SKU: CEN006006B
    On request
    €82.40 Tax included
  19. 20-wire 0.25mm CC-20/25 intercom cable in 100m coil
    SKU: CEN006009B
    On request
    €99.83 Tax included
  20. 6-wire 0,50mm CC-6/50 door wire in 100m coil
    SKU: CEN006021B
    On request
    €116.85 Tax included
  21. 0,50mm CC-8/50 8-wire door intercom cable in 100m coil
    SKU: CEN006022B
    In stock
    €130.68 Tax included
  22. 2x1mm2 Cable For Simplebus System Comelit 100m Coil
    SKU: COM4577
    On request
    €149.02 Tax included
  23. Outdoor Cable 2X1 MM2 Simplebus System 2 Coil 100m Comelit
    SKU: COM4579
    On request
    €312.46 Tax included

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