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Masts and antennas supports for caravans and camping

We have a mast to go through the roof of the caravan and to place a directional antenna DTT. This mast can orient comfortably without having to climb to the roof of your vehicle.

Disponemso also a tripod for use with a conventional satellite dish. Can you have saved the satellite and tripod inside the vehicle and when the satellite signal needs to pull down the tripod, mount the parabólcia and perform a manual search of the satellite.

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  1. FTE Multipurpose Mast Base (includes 2 flanges)
    SKU: BMU

    €8.97 Tax included
  2. Support for antenna omninova, campnova and dinova by Televes
    SKU: TEL151706

    €20.33 Tax included
  3. Satellite Dish Tripod for Camping
    SKU: MEG200014

    €43.74 Tax included
  4. Upper section crosier 1.5 meters BTS-1560
    SKU: BTS-1560

    €69.77 Tax included
  5. Upper section crosier 2 meters BTE-260
    SKU: BTE-260

    €77.25 Tax included
  6. 3.5 meter mast removable in sections

    €156.09 Tax included
  7. Lower section 1 meter with plate 250x250mm (Ref. 61100) BTI-100
    SKU: BTI-100

    €251.22 Tax included
  8. Support kit, base and mast for CCTV camera
    SKU: TDT0065

    €398.24 Tax included

8 Items

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Set Descending Direction

Caravan Antenna Supports