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Accessories for CCTV installations

In this section we have included all the little material that we need to make surveillance camera installations. Everything that does not fit elsewhere.

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  1. RCA connector to screw CCTV

    €0.58 Tax included
  2. BNC connector Easy to connect male

    €1.03 Tax included
  3. Poster LOPD CCTV security cameras

    €2.23 Tax included
  4. Poster area with video surveillance LPD
    SKU: FER9907

    €3.39 Tax included
  5. Attachable external microphone to any camera
    SKU: AVMIC01

    €4.43 Tax included
  6. Nextvision Wall Mount for Dome Cameras

    €11.10 Tax included
  7. CCTV Ground Loop Isolator
    SKU: GLI01-HAC

    €11.33 Tax included
  8. Camera adapter for mast or lamp from 80 to 150mm
    SKU: AVPFA152E

    €13.35 Tax included
  9. Resistencia calefactora para Cityline classic y Citymax
    SKU: FER9657

    €13.98 Tax included
  10. Surface box for Bullet and minidome camera for ceiling or wall
    SKU: AVSP803

    €15.73 Tax included
  11. Junction Box for Outdoor Dome Cameras

    €16.34 Tax included
  12. CCTV junction box with side output DS-1280ZJ-XS
    SKU: DS-1280ZJ-XS

    €16.77 Tax included
  13. Junction Box for Hikvision Dome Cameras DS-1280ZJ-S
    SKU: HKDS-1280ZJ-S

    €16.94 Tax included
  14. Wall mount for mini dome camera
    SKU: DS-1272ZJ-110

    €19.97 Tax included
  15. 3W Solar Panel for Battery IP Cameras
    SKU: VICVH-SP-03

    €20.79 Tax included
  16. Support Wall Dome Cameras with Box
    SKU: H340677009

    €25.34 Tax included
  17. Junction Box for Hikvision Dome Cameras
    SKU: DS-1280ZJ-M

    €25.92 Tax included
  18. 170cm Tripod for Thermographic Cameras

    €32.67 Tax included
  19. Wall mount bracket for Hikvision HWI-T6 cameras
    SKU: H340677006

    €34.00 Tax included
  20. Box for Watertight Staff 40x30x18

    €51.73 Tax included
  21. Wall mount for Hikvision PTZ cameras with junction box
    SKU: H329877052

    €68.61 Tax included
  22. Solar Panel 3W for Battery IP Cameras (Includes Seal)
    SKU: VICVH-SP-03-CG122

    €115.71 Tax included
  23. 21.5 "LED monitor designed for CCTV
    SKU: DS-D5022QE-B

    €190.58 Tax included
  24. 5 in 1 tester for CCTV with 4 "screen

    €221.14 Tax included
  25. Safe for CCTV recorders (135 x 420 x 350 mm)
    SKU: VR100

    €243.82 Tax included
  26. Safe for DVR recorder (178 x 443 x 450 mm)
    SKU: VR-190

    €363.00 Tax included
  27. 7 "hybrid CCTV tester

    €653.40 Tax included
  28. Universal CCTV IP/HD PoE+ Tester
    SKU: PROIC-073B

    €1,356.71 Tax included

28 Items

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