Broadband Amplifier for TV / SAT1 / SAT2 +35dB RS-601 Plus

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Central Amplifier with 2 outputs with gain 35dB

With the Rover 85077 amplifier you will be able to provide your installation with the optimum signal level for the correct operation of the system.

This power station is designed with independent amplification stages and the known push-pull technology, which will offer a higher level of output.

It is also equipped with an LTE filter to avoid any interference caused by 4G signals.

The RS-601 PLUS multiband panel from Satellite Rover is the top model of the RS-600 PLUS panel with reference 85075.

Rover amplifier 85077 allows the signal to pass between 47 and 2150 MHz.

What are the main characteristics of the Rover's 85077 broadband amplifier?

  • Model: RS-601 PLUS
  • 2 tickets:
  • Frequencies between 47-2150 MHz
  • 2 Outputs
  • Gain of 30 dB (TV), 35 dB (SAT a) and 35 dB (SAT b)
  • Output level of 114 dBuV (TV) and 116 dBuV (SAT)
  • 8dB noise figure
  • Return losses of 12 dB.

What technical specifications does Rover's RS-601 PLUS amplifier have?

Model RS-601 PLUS
Inputs 2
Frequency range (MHz) 47-2150
Outputs 2
Gain (dB)

TV 30

SAT1 35

SAT2 35

Gain regulation (dB)

TV 0..20

SAT1 0..20

SAT2 0..20

Pending regulation (dB)


SAT1 0..7

SAT2 0..7

Input range (dBµV) 35 - 85
Output level (dBµV)

TV 114

SAT 116

Way of return (MHz) -
Noise figure (dB) 8
Return losses(dB) 12

What is a power amplifier?

Broadband exchanges are powerful amplifiers that are used mainly in communities of small neighbors or in very large houses, such as chalets or farmhouses. It's a cheap way to boost the TV signal with a medium-large tap distribution.

More Information
EAN 8430923850772
System DTT & SAT
SERIE F-connector
Color Silver
Type Line amplifier
Entorno Interior
Input signal FI, UHF, VHF
# Inputs 2
Outputs 2
Gain 30
Max. output level Ganancia (dB/uV) 116
LTE compatible No
Product Brand Satélite Rover
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