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Cleat cleat for 6mm data cable in black color

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Clamp cleat for 6mm cable in black

The GT55NE clamp is a wall clamp for the wall clamping of a 6mm coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, data cable or telephony cable.

This staple is black.

Supplied in a package of 100 units

24/48 Hours

The GT55NE staple is a cleat for the wall installation of a 6mm cable.

What technical characteristics does the GT55NE staple have?

  • For cables from 5 to 6mm in diameter
  • Applications: fiber optic cables, telephony, ...
  • Black color
  • Bag of 100 units

How is a taco staple used?

A taco staple such as the GT55NE grass is opened in the middle, placed in the center of the cable that is fastened to the wall, then it closes the block and is nailed directly to the wall, where you have previously made a drill.

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EAN 8413601220012
Product type Staple wad
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