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Triple Shielded Coaxial Cable Cu + O / Al PVC White 1 meter

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Triple Shielded Coaxial Cable Cu + O / Al PVC White 1 meter is available for purchase in increments of 5

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Quick Overview

Coaxial cable RG6

Coaxial cable of white color 414801 of Televes is usable exclusively for interior, because its outer cover is PVC.

This coaxial cable has an internal conductor made of 1 mm thick copper-plated steel, a dielectric of 4.7 mm, a 100% aluminum mesh cover and an outer PVC cover.

This coaxial cable is supplied to the cut, for a complete coil, to buy TEL414801B


The coaxial cable 414801 of RG6 in white color is a coaxial cable for indoor use.

What technical characteristics does the coaxial cable 414801 have?

  • Steel inner conductor of 1 mm diameter.
  • Polyethylene dielectric 4.7 mm in diameter.
  • 100% aluminum cladding.
  • 6.8 mm diameter PVC exterior cladding.
  • Impedance of 75 Ohms.

What attenuation does the coaxial cable 414801 have?

This coaxial cable has the following attenuation at 100 meters:

 Attenuation 20ºC dB - 100m  Frequency 
 dB/100mt +/- 3%
50  4,8
200  9,5
500  15
800  19,2
1000  21,5
1350  25
1750  28,65
2050  32
2300  33

What is the RG6 coaxial cable used for?

A RG6 coaxial cable, such as coaxial cable 414801, is used for the transmission of television signal, by the connectorization of connectors F, for connection to receivers, or of connectors CEI for connection to television.

Additional Information
EAN 8416800000164
Manufacturer Televes
Entorno Interior
Color White
Cubierta material PVC
Material conductor interno Ac + Cu
Material malla Al
Euroclass N/A

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