Coaxial Cable Stripper

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Coaxial Wire Stripper

Simple coaxial cable stripping tool very easy to use. The cable is inserted, the peeler is turned and pulled. The cable is perfectly stripped; cover, mesh and central thread totally differentiated at an ideal distance to use it.

Indispensable tool for making coaxial line installations, necessary to install CEI connectors, type F or directly connect the cable in equipment with a Flange or EasyF connection. With this peeler you will get precise cuts without damaging the wire mesh.

Note: Depending on availability, blue, red or other color will be sent.


  • Sin duda una herramienta indispensable para cualquier instalador de telecomunciciones.
  • Es de uso rápido, limpio y sencillo.
  • Nos desprendemos de la cantidad justa de aislante o dieléctrico.
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System Coaxial
Serie Herramienta
Type Tool
Product Brand Tecatel
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